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Week Four moving into Week 5

A very busy week for me, having to finalize editing on the eBook on Francis Webb (see previous post) and prepare for the weekend seminar on Francis Webb at Willoughby Library! The seminar was very well attended, so glad to see quite a few of you there: this will help hugely in the work you will be doing on Francis Webb in coming weeks. 

Blog topics for the week - just gone - run like this:

Australian Literature: 
Critical: take a short passage from a 19th Century prose text or poem and see if you can say what this tells the reader about the writer's attitude to landscape. 
Creative: as a starting point take two lines from any one of the poets you have read this week and see if you can construct a poem based on your own experience, incorporating these two lines. Try to develop you poem in the style of the poem you have chosen. 

Twentieth Century Literature
Critical: chose any war poem that you have read this week and write a letter to the author explaining why you believe his poem has shed valuable light on the experience of war. Tell him or her, what parts of his poem meant most to you and why. 
Creative: write your own poem of war expressing your anger or frustration with the situation you find yourself in. Try using the style of the poet who had most impact on you. 

The Visionary Imagination
See Questions in previous Blog...

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