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William Blake's Iconoclastic Approach To Christianity- Blog Topics

William Blake was deeply uncomfortable with the moralism of traditional Christianity and he sought to create a Third Testament which he saw as superseding both the Old and the New Testaments. He called this The Everlasting Gospel and there are some eminent theologians such as Thomas Altizer (The New Apoclapyse: The Radical Christian Vision of of William Blake, Aurora CO: Davies, 2000) who regard Blake as one of the great innovators in Christian theology, as someone daring to move beyond established paradigms. Malcolm Muggeridge, from within a more conventional Christian framework included Blake in his film the Third Testament. This link is to the utube introduction. Let us know when you have found the section on William Blake. 

Blog Topics for this week could take you down some interesting paths of enquiry:

Creative/ Critical: respond from your own perspective to Blake's challenging lines
        The Vision of Christ that thou dost see
        Is my Visions Greatest Enemy (The Everlasting Gospel) (page 453)

Creative/ Critical: is there any justification in both The Everlasting Gospel and in plate 23 of The Marriage of Heaven and Hele (page 80) for seeing Jesus as someone who intentionally broke the law. 

Or  Creative/ Critical you might like to take any group of lines from "Auguries of Innocence" and use these


as a starting point for a poem of your own in which you present a vision of what needs repairing in the world around you today


as a discussion starter for what you think Blake's view of his own world is as expressed in parts of this poem. 

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