michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Blake Blogs - Final Week for 2010

Thank you all for being such a great class in 2010. I have enjoyed my attempts to bring you the light of William Blake. May his thoughts and questions irradiate the rest of your days!

What I would like you to do in your last Blake blog is say simply what you have enjoyed most, or found most valuable in your contact with the spirit of Mr William Blake this semester. Your response can be in the form of a poem, a story or a critical appreciation... or even a visual image.... Make this concluding entry a resounding finale to all the good work you have been doing so far this semester. Collectively your Journals on Blake this semester are absolutely fantastic... they are a real showcase opportunity for what is possible in the world of digital responses to meaningful literary texts..... "Everything that lives is Holy!"

PS... please remember that if you want to hold on to all the good work you have done in Students Blogs this semester (either in your journal or in your ePortfolio- or both) then please EXPORT your "stuff" by going into Tools in the left hand side bar and clicking on Export. Export Everything. This will produce a WordPress compressed file on your desktop. Now go into WordPress.com and create a new WordPress.com account. This will be outside the university fire wall. Once you are there simply go again into Tools and select Import. Navigate to the WordPress export file that is on your desktop and Import this file... hey presto you are done....
Of course you can do all of this straight into LiveJournal if you wish too.... which is actually a much more user friendly and flexible place to your blogging... I still love it 150 times more than WordPress!....
But whichever path you take, please once you have done this please let me know what your new Blog address is so that I can keep in touch with you.....

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