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About Reflections on Literature, Life and the Imagination

Previous Entry CLEMENTE AUSTRALIAN LITERATURE GROUP 2010 WEEK 5 Sep. 23rd, 2010 @ 12:04 pm Next Entry
 Thank you all for your participation and great contributions today. Not only did we see the cream of the early literature blogs from many of you but we had a penetrating discussion on the poetry of FrancisWebb. I was amazed at how quickly many of you just “got” what it was that Webb was dealing with, even if you didn’t understand what he was saying word for word.

So here now are a few blog topics that you might like to chose from (in addition to creating one of your own):

1/ Take one line from any Francis Webb poem and use this as the starting point for a poem of your own.

2/ Write a letter to Henry Lawson or Francis Webb telling them what you have found of interest in their work and (maybe) how it helps you to understand aspects of your own experience.

3/Tell the story or write a character sketch (real or imagined) about the person who has had the most positive influence on your life. Try to describe a setting in which you find yourself listening or talking to this person.

4/ Write a short research piece on what you understand the phrase “The Golden Age” to mean. Look it up in Google and/or Wikipedia and then tell the world what you have found…..

Enjoy…. see you all next week.

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