michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Blake Blog Topics Week 5

1/ Describe what impact the novel Ransom has had on your thinking about the meaning and purpose of your own existence.

2/ Blake explores the changes of STATE in a character like the Nurse. Describe in your own words the change of STATE that Priam experiences as he goes off with Stomax in the cart. (Suggestion: read from page 114 on for around 5 pages).
3/ Write a letter to David Malouf explaining why you have found his novel relevant.

4/ The final words of the novel are given to the charming creature Beauty. Write a brief narrative from the perspective of Beauty describing what you have just been through.

5/ Write a letter from the point of view of Priam’s wife telling him how stupid you think he is going out on a limb in this way.

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